Guidelines of the Niederrhein private school

Below you will find an overview of what our school stands for and which means we use to support our students in finding their path to success in this world. Schools are the cornerstone of productivity our society. Young people acquire knowledge, skills and competencies. This applies not only in the knowledge but also social fields. We see schools as…

Through the use of digital media, the staff sees an opportunity to promote knowledge, media competence and independence.

Modern school concept

Hybrid school: mix of face-to-face and distance learning

All our students and all teachers had been equipped so that they could cork with the basic MS Team platform functions and lessons could be carried out according to plan. In certain premises students can take part in lessons online.

Practical school training

We try to raise our students´ awareness for a serious consideration and reflection of their future professional life early on and to view these first professional experiences as an opportunity.

This is what we mean by good teaching:

Individual support within the framework of a learning group presupposes that the pupils can initiate, observe, evaluate and thus control their own learning process over a reasonable period of time. These are the obligatory requirements for lifelong learning.

That's what makes our lessons:

For us, good teaching means that it promotes independence, the development of social learning (cooperative skills), the strengthening of individual characteristics and also the reduction of learning deficits and fears.

Our lessons should be characterized by the fact that they are clearly structured, that there are real learning times, that the climate in the lessons is conducive to learning, that the content is clear, that meaningful communication is encouraged, that a variety of methods is used, that intelligent practice is learned, that transparent performance expectations are given, that a prepared learning environment is found and that individual support is a matter of course.

We focus on the individual support and development of the students:

We consciously promote teaching methods for independent learning. With the appropriate guidance and learning atmosphere, the majority of students can best decide for themselves what is useful and of interest to them in order to promote their strengths or to eliminate possible deficits. Within the framework of individual support, we are convinced that students must be empowered to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and to shape it consciously.

We rely on a targeted internal differentiation through support offers for weak learners and particularly gifted students.

Parents who want additional support and individual care and support for their child send them to us, but also those who demand that their child, who feels rather unchallenged at other schools, can develop the interests more at school.

Silentium hour / self-directed learning - hours

We use the Silentium hour / self-directed learning – hours -Times (SL hours) as time for homework or to work on any gaps that may have arisen in the lesson. The Silentium hour / self-directed learning - hours should not only serve to do the homework. In either case, the time is used sensibly.

Foreign students are very welcome

As part of the immersion lessons, foreign students are given effective access to the German language and their productive language skills are increased.

We also offer support courses during the holidays

With support courses during the holidays, we offer all students the opportunity to improve their level of knowledge.

Working groups

The work groups set up by students give them enough scope to develop and contribute their individual talents.

You want to learn more?

If you would like to find out more about us, simply make an appointment to get to know us by e-mail or request our detailed school concept.

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best contacts!

One advantage of our higher all-day school is the best contacts and cooperation with business, culture and sponsors. Vocational preparation measures are an important component of our unique network, which we are constantly expanding and intensively cultivating.

We are there for each other.

best location!

Due to the excellent public transport connections, our school is easy to reach.
We are located in the immediate vicinity of Krefeld's main railway station and various public transport stops.

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